Virginia Beach Mustangs History

  1. Sid Pearl started the Woodstock Mustangs in 1966.
  2. The Mustangs were a 6-man tackle team playing against other Virginia Beach teams.
  3. Two of Sid’s sons, Keith and Bruce, started coaching with him in 1980.
  4. Together, the Pearls have won 13 city championships in the 80’s and 90’s.

In 2001, the Pearls left Woodstock to start the Virginia Beach Mustangs, a Pop Warner team that competes both locally and nationally. With four-10 year olds, three-11 year olds and eighteen-12 to13 year olds, they finished their inaugural season 14-0 to defeat the Northwood Rams from Baltimore, Maryland to win the National Championship at Disney World in Orlando Florida. Mayor Obendorf declared January 14, 2002 Virginia Beach Mustangs Day, in honor of the fine accomplishments of the football team.

The Virginia Beach Mustangs started their Pop Warner program in 2001 with 1 football team and 1 cheering squad with over 30 children. In 2008, the Mustangs have expanded to 14 football teams and cheering squads with over 300 children.

Go Mustangs